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Lisa Burke is a business women, a manufacturer of natural plant based remedies and skin care products, a wife and a mother of two.  Lisa harvests much of her own ingredients at her rural production facility, adjacent to her family farm located on Gilead Road, in the heart of Prince Edward County.  Lisa’s journey began after leaving the corporate sector as buyer, merchandiser and store manager for the former White Rose Home & Garden Centre Corporation.  In order to pursue a vocation in healing, Lisa became certified as an aromatherapist and reflexologist. 

Lisa, being well versed in the practice of herbal medicine, often had clients asking her for her advise on where to find natural products and remedies to heal their aliments. Lisa began making products on a case-by-case basis and fifteen years later, Lisa’s company now produces five separate natural cosmetic lines and over 140 packaged bath and body products, all of which are 100% handmade onsite and contain only natural, plant-based ingredients. Lisa’s products are trademarked under her company name, Essential Relaxation. 


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