About Us

At Essential Relaxation we are committed to creating a healthy product for both our consumer and the environment. All of our natural skincare products are handmade at our rural production facility in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Essential Relaxation products are household products. They meet the needs of every individual regardless of age, gender and demographic. Our Daily Essentials product line includes natural herbal deodorant, a shampoo bar and hair conditioning bar - everyday products in biodegradable packaging.

Our Facial Works line is a complete facial care line with rosehip seed oil for its anti-aging properties! Cleansing lotion, toner, facial cream in unscented or scented with revitalizing eucalyptus, lemongrass and rosemary. Fine walnut shell exfoliant to polish; charcoal firming mask to deep clean. All at affordable prices!

The Gentleman… It Comes Naturally line for the men in our lives, includes environmentally-friendly shaving products and accessories, beard oils, body bars and facial cream in masculine-scented sandalwood and earl grey. 

Our Calming Calendula product line promotes healthy sensitive skin with its beneficial skin-loving properties. We incorporate soothing calendula-infused olive oil into our products from calendula that we grow. We pick the flowers. dry them and infuse in olive oil, then strain the oil after several months. We incorporate this soothing calendula infused olive oil into many of our skincare products in this line.

Take a moment to relax with our Lavender Moments Line. Draw a warm, relaxing bath and add some of our soothing bath salts or toss in one of our bath bombs. Destress with our floral water or moisturize dry skin with our body bomb. If you enjoy the scent of lavender, this line is for you!

Consider the fiery warmth of the Hocus Pocus product line. These products includes the inhalation & absorption cream, bath bombs, salts, body balm and soap. Use this product line to restore and add comfort to your life.

Please, feel free to browse online or visit our Contact Us page for more information about our production facility and retail store. Or Our Story for more information on how Essential Relaxation came to be.