Laundry - Eco-friendly Soap Nuts

  • $14.95

Our eco-friendly soap nuts are a gentle, surface-active agent that separates dirt and oils from fibers, lifting stains and leaving fabrics soft, fluffy and clean. Soap Nuts are hand-harvested high in the mountains of Nepal, these dried fruit shells of the soap berry tree (Sapindus mukorossi) are high in saponin and have been used for thousands of years to clean clothing. Soap nuts are much milder then synthetic soaps, they do not produce excessive suds, nor do they contain dyes or artificial fragrances. Soap nuts are hypo-allergenic and gentle on skin and clothes alike, making this all-natural, echo-friendly laundry regime especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Soap nuts are completely non-toxic and like all our products, our soap nuts are 100% natural. When all of the saponin has been released from the nuts, they will have a transparent look to them and you will know that it is time to compost what is left of the shells.

250g bag comes with a muslin drawstring bag - enough for approx 80 loads of laundry