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Natural Bath and Body Care Products

Welcome to Essential Relaxation™ where we combine only high quality plant-based ingredients to create fresh, healthy, all natural bath and body care products. Our handmade products include:

  • luxurious hemp soaps
  • luscious lip balms
  • creamy skincare (that actually feeds your skin!)
  • pure essential oils
  • aromatherapy diffusers
  • and so much more!

Organic Facial Works, our newest product line is an all natural and organic way to keep your face clean and clear.

Whether you're buying for yourself or a gift for a friend or relative, Essential Relaxation™ all natural bath and body care products are a welcome gift.

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Handmade in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

Relaxation. It's Essential.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I must write and say how perfect your gift is. My goodness, what thought and care must have gone into putting it all together. I am thrilled with it all and have been playing with the diffuser and essential oils, relaxing with the lavender eye mask and gazing at the creams - keeping them for my actual journey. What perfection! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful.
    Pat Hyduk, Picton, Ontario

  • I have recently had time to take a relaxing time out during a busy week. I enjoyed my massage and peaceful surroundings. I'll treat myself more often. Thank you Lisa!
    Karen Burris, Wellington, Ontario

  • Lisa gives me massages all the time and I relax so much I feel as if I am floating. Recently, I was having trouble with my knee and Lisa discovered and relaxed muscles just below the knee. Voila! I can walk without a limp now. Thank you Lisa.
    Pauline Winkle, Wellington, Ontario

  • I was in to see you on Friday, June 15th (2007) with my mother Eleanore for reflexology treatment and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was. Thanks!
    Roxanne Cmelak, Scarborough, Ontario

  • I am 82 years old and have had several massages in my "young" life but the one that Lisa gave me was, without question, the most relaxing and the most enjoyable of any that I have had previously. I don't live in Wellington but I hope that it won't be too long until I can go there and again enjoy the positive effects of "Lisa's Massage".
    Greta Florence, Toronto, Ontario

  • Always a very relaxing experience. Like a mini vacation from everyday life! 
    —Kim, Wellington, Ontario

  • Had my yearly aromatherapy massage and it was fantastic as usual. Lisa, you have magic fingers. The setting and the music are almost as soothing as the massage. Thank you.
    Rachel, Ottawa, Ontario

  • A note to tell you how much I enjoyed the aromatherapy massage and the facial this year. The experience is always relaxing and soothing. I've been visiting you for five years already and I will be back next year - it is the best part of my holiday in The County. Thanks Lisa , all the best!
    Louise, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Every year for the past five years, my friends and I have been contacting Lisa for a massage during our stay in The County for a holiday. It is a ritual with us which is essential. Lisa has gentle hands, is a charming person, and I come out of her place feeling like a million. Do yourself a favour... book an appointment.
    Margo, Gatineau, Ontario

  • Always a very relaxing experience. Like a mini vacation from everyday life!
    Kim, Wellington, Ontario

  • Lisa, your products are fantastic! I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. I have tried a lot of different products over the years and nothing has really worked very well. Your tea tree toner and the nourishing facial cream have done wonders for my face! Thanks Lisa.
    Lisa, Wellington, Ontario

  • Lisa has healing hands and a happy heart. I love going to visit her in Wellington!
    Joyce, Picton, Ontario

  • Lisa gave me such a wonderful massage that I actually fell asleep - it was so relaxing and calming that I felt the effects for days afterwards. We are so lucky to have such talent right here in Wellington!
    Connie, Wellington, Ontario

Free Shipping on Orders over $50 Canadian and $75 U.S.

Whether you're buying for yourself or a gift for a friend or relative, Essential Relaxation™ all-natural bath and body care products are a welcome gift.

Handmade in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

Happy shopping and remember: Relaxation...It's Essential!

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Wellington, ON K0K 3L0
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