Making calendula infused oil

Whether you are growing your own calendula (calendula seeds available through our website) or purchasing dried calendula flowers, calendula infused oil is easy to make.

First, ensure your calendula flowers are thoroughly dried, otherwise the excess moisture may cause mold to develop in the jars. When you rub a few flowers together between your fingers, they should feel crispy. If they are at all flexible they will need more drying time. We dry our flowers in a small household dehydrator. It only takes about 24 hours and so have time to do several batches of dehydrating before the flowers need to be picked again.

Gently pack a glass jar with calendula flowers. We use glass, as toxins from plastic jars may leach into the oil. Add oil, ensuring all flowers are covered. We use olive oil, but any carrier oil will work depending on how its anticipated use. Secure lid and turn upside down several times to removed trapped air. Label your jar with date and contents. You know what’s in the jar now, but over time you may forget!

Jars need to sit for at least 6 weeks in a sunny location before the infusion is complete. When you’re ready to use your oil, you’ll need a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to strain. Push a spoon against the flowers to try and squeeze as much of the oil out of the flowers as possible. Flowers can be composted and you will be left with gorgeous calendula infused oil with many health benefits – discussed here.

We have developed an entire line of products incorporating calendula infused olive oil. Some of these products include herbal salve, healthy hemp lip balm, herbal ear drops and arnica & calendula body balm. If you are looking to purchase calendula infused oil, we sell 30mL bottles here. Larger quantities are also available – just ask!

If you are thinking that you might like to try to make calendula infused oil, you should hesitate no longer.