There is no 'i' in team

Happy 2016!

As we wave goodbye to 2015 and I can’t help but want to thank those that have helped our business along this past year. So, my first ever blog will be just that…..a shout out to those people and businesses who have contributed to our success.

First off, a year ago we were able to purchase a gorgeous primera label printer with the help of Prince Edward/Lennox & Addington Community Futures Development Corporation. This has made for a huge improvement for us, as all of our products now look much more professional!

Because of our new printer, all of our product labels had to be reformatted. With over 150 products, this was a daunting task, but thankfully there were a few graphic designers to get the job done!

Laura Williams of Mockingbird New Media is our go to branding girl who has been designing for us for many years. Laura designed the Little Sprout and Facial Works product lines for us in the past and this year created the Calming Calendula and Hocus Pocus Labels. This gave some existing product labels new life. We asked for bold and beautiful and Laura deliivered!

Tina Konecny of icatchingdesigns was a huge help to us this year. Tina has designed the Lip Works and Honey Bee Good product labels for us in the past and this year adjusted these to accommodate our new printer. The Hair Styling Towel is a new product for us this year and Tina designed the label for this handy product. Tina was also given the task of redesigning our shampoo and conditioner labels and now these look great!

Engine Communications hosts our website and guides us along when it comes to SEO. This spring the team at Engine redesigned the entire website and we are so happy with it now! They continue to advise on the ways of marketing online….our sales route of choice!

Leading into the Christmas season, we all of a sudden, found ourselves short on brochures. After the initial panic attack had settled, we called Printcraft and were thrilled to find graphic designer Kathy Fowler working there! Kathy had been a part of the Engine team in the past and so had worked on our website. She swiftly redesigned the entire brochure and it returned from print more beautiful than ever! All within a week! Woot! Woot!

Giovanna Romano of Liuva Designs Fashion Art Studio is our seamstress extrordinare! Giovanna has sewn countless lavender sachets, eye pillows and hair styling towels. And she sews little Essential Relaxation fabric labels on each one! Talk about attention to detail!

Last, but not least, we have to thank Edith Kapfer who has crocheted our hemp soap bags and facial cleansing cloths for several years now. She told me that she makes at least one piece per evening, in front of the TV. Well Edith, we’re glad you do!

Goodbye 2015…it has been a fabulous year…..with much help along the way!

There is no ‘i’ in team.

Cheers, Lisa.